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Only Need Rapid Antigen Test Kits?

Rapid antigen tests are lateral flow assays (LFAs) that detect the presence of the specific viral antigens (proteins) of the virus. Antigen tests are most effective in the 2 days before the onset of symptoms and for the next 3 days starting when symptoms develop. These tests are relativity inexpensive when compared to PCR testing, offer results in 15-30 minutes, and are useful for screening, and surveillance of COVID-19.

COVIDdetect currently offers the BTNX Rapid Response™ COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test1 for sale.
The Rapid Response™ comes in a package of 5 individuals tests, with each test having an individually packed swab and buffer solution. This is the perfect solution for testing the attendees of events, meetings or smaller groups.

Tests are Health Canada approved and can be purchased for use across Canada by:

  • Businesses
  • Associations
  • Not-for-Profits

To order your kits:
If you are an eligible business email ProgramConsultant@DriverCheck.ca or call 1 (800) 463-4310, option #8, to speak with a team member.

Minimum order requirements: 200 test devices (40 kits of Rapid Response™).

Shipping options2:
Shipping is available to commercial addresses in every province across Canada except Quebec. Free express shipping is given to orders that are not delivered to exceptionally remote locations.



1 The sensitivity (ability to correctly identify a positive case) of the Rapid Response™ is 90.2%*.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Sample: Nasal
Quantity: 5 tests/box
Result Time: 15 minutes
Sensitivity: 90.2%
Specificity: 100%

* When performed on a symptomatic individual by a trained individual. Performance has not been established for serial asymptomatic testing.

2 Test kits cannot be shipped to PO boxes or residential addresses. DriverCheck reserves the right to charge additional shipping fees for remote/rural locations; all charges will be approved by client before fulfillment.