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COVIDdetect & Rapid Antigen Testing

COVIDdetect is a web-based program management software that enables organizations to implement, monitor and manage DIY testing in combination with Health Canada approved COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits.

The COVIDdetect platform offers organizations of all sizes and across all industries the ability to take control of the health and wellbeing of their program participants, be they workforce members, event goers or other stakeholders and provides these groups with the opportunity of conducting discrete and simple COVID rapid antigen testing from their own homes or wherever they choose.

COVIDdetect is available in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New Brunswick. We believe that COVIDdetect is a critical tool in our collective battle against the pandemic and are working diligently to increase access across Canada.

The COVIDdetect platform will allow designated program managers to view participant test results on a reporting dashboard and provide visibility into outstanding testing requests for participants that did not perform tests on required testing dates. Program managers may also create custom groups so data can be reported in the most relevant structure for your organization. E.g. region, worksite, specific employee categories, or other segments.

Yes, your organization is able to assign multiple program administrators.

Currently this feature is available for enterprise clients (350+ weekly tests), this feature will soon be available for all client sizes.

COVIDdetect is highly scalable and allows you to enroll businesses with testing requirements for as little as a few people (minimum 40 tests per week required) to as many as you want!

To optimize your health and safety plan, medical guidance is 2-3 tests per week for people frequenting warehouses, factories, office buildings and schools. However, a single test may be sufficient for stand-alone events, such as sports games, concerts and corporate engagements. Whatever your need, COVIDdetect allows you to readily customize your ideal testing frequency.

Absolutely! Antigen testing is a critical medical surveillance tool that allows organizations to identify COVID-19 in asymptomatic people. Conversely, PCR tests are useful in diagnosing infection within the symptomatic population. Overall, antigen testing is more cost-effective and will limit the dangerous flow of asymptomatic people into your workspace, event or school.

Guidance on swabbing methodology in some jurisdictions has changed to include cheek and throat. While swabbing the throat, cheek and nostril is recommended by COVIDdetect for best accuracy, you should follow guidance provided by your province or organization. For more information, Visit Here.

Our service is currently designed for the Abbot Panbio™ or the BTNX Rapid Response™ with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and illustrations to enable all do-it-yourself users to safely and effectively self-administer the rapid antigen test.

Participants self-administer their COVID-19 test and enter the result in the COVIDdetect platform. The entire process takes an average of 20-30 minutes with real time results provided to the organization.

All testing data is stored and backed-up in Canada. Any ordering information placed through Shopify may be stored in the USA. However, Shopify will not have access to any testing data.

Antigen test results are permitted for travel to some international locations, such the United States and United Kingdom; however, Canada will only accept NAT, NAAT or PCR test results upon return.

At this time, the COVIDdetect service is not available for travel related purposes, stay tuned for updates. Travel testing is currently available in our DriverCheck Clinics.

Please carefully review all appropriate travel and public health guidance to ensure compliance.

It is the responsibility of individual do-it-yourself users to dispose of test kits in accordance with their local public health guidelines. In most cases, it is as simple as placing the test kit in an enclosed garbage bin.

Unfortunately we cannot house inventory for clients. However, we are able to distribute test kits purchased from DriverCheck to your workplace or participants’ homes.

Shipping & Billing

You will receive your order within 2-8 business days, depending on your selected shipping option.

Please email us at and we can help with changing the address. If the order has already been dispatched or shipped, we may not be able to help. All sales are final.

Please email us at and we can help. Kindly check that you’ve added the correct email address to the order information and please ensure the email wasn’t mistakenly directed to the spam folder prior to the call.

You will be able to track your package once the order has dispatched. You will receive a shipping email with a tracking number along with an out for delivery and delivery confirmation emails.

If the order has not been dispatched, you may be able to cancel the order. Please email us at All sales are final.

All sales are final. Given the tampering rule as well as temperature management guidelines regarding medical devices, you will not be able to return any products once delivered.

You’ll get a full refund minus any handling and restocking fees incurred in the process.

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contact us via
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