COVIDdetect is a proud national supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society

COVIDdetect is a proud national supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society

To commemorate World Cancer Day, the COVIDdetect and DriverCheck family is thrilled to support the Canadian Cancer Society by donating 1,000 COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to vital programs including as the Wheels of Hope and Lodges. 

Wheels of Hope is a volunteer program that provides additional support to people with cancer who need a ride to and from their treatment. Lodges are welcoming homes away from home for people with cancer who need to travel to receive treatment. It is vital that these programs continue to run safely during the pandemic and therefore testing staff and volunteers is essential. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to be supporting Canadian Cancer Society” says Connor Page, Vice President, Strategy at COVIDdetect and Maggie Dunnett, DriverCheck President, in a joint statement. “Our father, Dr. Chris Page, started DriverCheck over 25 years ago with the goal to build a healthier and safer world, and we created COVIDdetect during the COVID-19 pandemic with the same ethos to help Canadians across the country.  During the pandemic, Canadian Cancer Society and their staff and volunteers have maintained their passion for supporting those dealing with cancer during an especially challenging time. We couldn’t be happier to help the Wheels of Hope, Lodges, and other Canadian Cancer Society programs, to continue their meaningful work safely. Our father sadly passed away from cancer in 2021. We know he would be as immensely proud of this relationship as we are.” 


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